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Welcome to BlackOx. Learn the basics about building collections, managing contacts, customizing attributes and more.

The basics

In Attio, you'll be building collections for your workflows and projects, tracking your data, and collaborating with your team in real-time.

  • Collections are fundamental to Attio - they're a home for your workflow or project
  • A contact is a person or a company. Contacts are either synced from your email or added manually
  • An entry is an item in a collection that references a contact
  • Attributes are customizable data points you can add to your entries
  • Check out our glossary to learn more


Syncing your email and calendar

Sync your email and calendar with Attio to pull in your contacts, enrich your data, and unlock powerful insights about your network.

  • Contacts are shared with every member of your workspace
  • Calendar events can be tracked alongside your workflows and tied to notes
  • Email messages are synced and can be shared with your workspace or specific users

You can also opt out of email syncing and import your contacts manually.


Contact pages

Contact pages host all of the relevant data for a single contact (company or person) in one place.

  • Intelligent data points like last contacted and connection strength are added for each contact
  • You'll find tabs for notes, tasks, files, and an activity feed
  • You'll also find a shared inbox with all the emails a contact has exchanged with you and your team

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